CEO Weekends: Cameroon Govt to Implement Internet Access Points

Hon Biyiti
Hon Biyiti
Hon Biyiti

Jean Pierre Biyiti bi Essam, Cameroonian Minister of Postal Services and Telecommunications has said the country is working on establishing Internet access points in the country in a move to cut costs involved in the transit through foreign networks which a government study estimated to cost $600 million dollars annually.

 Essam said he had received engineers and ISPs to discuss the technical aspects to aid in the setting p of  internet access points in the country to cut communication costs due to dependence on foreign networks

Biyit bi Essam told the Cameroon Tribune, “Cameroon needs to have internet access points, because what we’re seeing happening in the virtual world is similar to what is occurring in the area of transportation in real life. If you have to fly to Paris in order to travel between Yaoundé and Addis-Abeba, it will be a lot more expensive than a direct flight.”

When set up, transmission of any communication will no longer need to go over  international networks before reaching users in Cameroon.