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West Africas RLG Launches A $50 Million Technology City In Osun Nigeria

by Caroline Vutagwa
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A technology City worth $50 million will soon be in existence in West Africa’s Ilesha, Osun estate; thanks to the biggest ICT and phone manufacturer in the region, RLG. The city will be called RLG/Adulawo Technology City.

Adulawo will be involved in the training of youth to assemble and repair various electronic devices and the production of the items form its facility, this project will help in decreasing the number of jobless youth by providing 10,000 jobs both directly as directly.

Roland Agambire, Group Chairman of RLG, pointed out that ICT was the new money spinner and the RLG/Adulawo Technology City was an ambitious project that would play a major role in the technology revolution that is sure to come to Nigeria.

“The dream of setting up such a facility was propelled  by the leadership and vision of the state governor, Rauf Aregbesola, who supported the idea from the outset, especially because it has as its main goal the creation of jobs and the transfer of technology,” he said. “RLG, as a Pan-African company, has the ambitious dream of creating wealth for African youths and leading them out of poverty through technology.”

Agambire disclosed that the company’s initial investment of $50 million was an expression of its commitment to the vision, adding that it would spend more because there was the need to expand into fabrication which would enable the facility handle more complicated electronic devices.

The chairman said that so far, 5,000 indigenes have been trained from RLG’s facility in Ghana and the remaining 15,000 indigenes will be trained and equipped at the new technology city.

“While in full production capacity, it will directly employ 800 people while over 15,000 indirect jobs will be created round the state through the enterprise from sales and repair points. It will impact the state’s economy through taxes, rates and levies, add to the state’s GDP, create wealth and bring development to the community where it operates,” said Aregbesola, Governor.

He added that the City was also a demonstration of the government’s resolve to partner with the private sector through the creation of an enabling environment and providing adequate infrastructure for rapid industrialisation and job creation.

The RLG/Adulawo Technology City has a capacity to assemble 5,000 mobile phones, and 2,500 computers daily. It has fully equipped training centre called the RLG Institute of Technology, a Research & Development Laboratory complete with a Green Technology Bio-mass plant which will provide cooking gas for the staff quarters and generate 3KVA electricity

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