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Mobile is the Holy Grail of Commerce-Tomi Ahonen

by Sam Wakoba
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mobilecoins4x3Tomi T Ahonen, an Author, Consultant and Motivational Speaker on mobile, a former Nokia executive lectures at short courses at Oxford University and a  mobile and digital trends speacialit says mobile is the future of business whether it is search, music, gaming, entertainment, social networking among others.

In his presentation, Ahonen says Camera, Mapping Banking, Credit, Computers, Telecoms,Print, Braodcast,Social Media and just about everything is headed mobile.

He says the mobile industry to be worth 6 trillion dollars this year and firms ought to take the opportunity by leaping into the great convergence that is mobile. Ahonen says the seven mass media Print, Recordings, Cinema, TV, Internet and Mobile are all different just like DVD formats and mobile is as different from internet as radio is different from TV. In 2011 he says Associated Press Managing Editors realized that mobile is the future of news and said it was different from internet.

“Mobile is different becuase it has unique benefits. It is a personal mass medium it is permanently connected, always carried, has built-in payment channels, available at creative impulse, has the most accurate audience info, captures social context of consumption, enables augmented reality and offers digital interface to the real world,” he said.

Mobile makes every boring internet content interesting.

Though social media and OTT has had an impact on the growth of SMS, Ahonen says SMS is still growing firm’s revenues, users, and is still globally relevant. he cites firms which use SMS to remind customers amongst firms with the most growing users such as Unilever in South Africa using SMS to push OMO campaigns. SMS is realistic and can reach everyone.

Ahonen also points on the use of missed calls. India’s brand Wheel uses a missed call campaign with short-voice based short stories by a popular Bollywood star to power up its customer engagement. The firm reached 1.5 million consumers, detergent sales were up by 300%.

Mobile payments are also big, France’s Carrefour Mobile Shopping App allows  users to find the goods they want to purchase from the stores without having to spend time to look for them inside the store. The app also helps the firm know what they need to stock more than and why buyers like it. Ahonen says that is the future of marketing and advertisement as firms can know so much about clients even before they do purchases and why they do them. Mobile is the new gold.

Mobile is the holy grail of the future of commerce as it helps firms identify user behavior. Data is the future of business, that’s where the value is. Finnair Mobile Check In, helps firms reward loyal customers. Mobile helps in inventory management, and customer retention. Firms can use mobile to hijack clients from visiting other stores by offering them better deals. Education is also great on mobile, with fee students dropping out.

According to variety of tasks, users will use PC’s and tablets when sitting, not as mobile when they are physically mobile. Planned tasks, planned use and sitting characterizes the tablet and the PC, though the tablet will never kill PC, it wont even kill mobile. Mobile is when one can use the device when walking, the device has to be small enough to fit in pocket and can buzz in the pocket.

All mobiles will be smartphones in future and will be as cheap as $10 plus shipping and marketing with wi-fi and other better capabilities we have today and without subsidies by the summer of 2019. They won’t be iPhones and Blackberry’s but they will be superphones. All feature phones will die. Smartphones wars, in Africa , Android is King and it won’t be overtaken soon.

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