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StartupBus Africa’s Skype for Teachers & Students, to Launch in Nigeria

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sterioBy Vicky Ojo

Mobile learning technology for primary and secondary educators in Africa, is set to enter the Nigerian market as e-learning continues to gain ground in Africa’s most populous country. was founded on the StartupBus Africa by Christopher Pruijsen as the chief executive officer, Dean Rotherham (Product) and Danielle Reid (Design). For its launch in Nigeria, it is currently in search of partners.

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Christopher Pruijsen said the platform engages learners outside the classroom.

He said: “A ‘Sterio’ is an interactive audio lesson, which is per-recorded by the Educator and delivered via an sms-triggered inbound voice call to the learner, in order to reinforce in-classroom content. It is such that every lesson contains 10 minutes of audio content and questions, and teachers receive instant feedback on learner performance, saving them hours each day on marking assignments.

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“The learning platform is completely free for both the Educators and the Learners, and the data collected will be shared freely with local and national governments and ministries.”

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