Google Launches Google Capital to Invest in Growth-Stage Companies


google660-657x245Google has today officially launched Google Capital, a growth equity fund backed by Google and led by partners David Lawee, Scott Tierney and Gene Frantz. The outfit has been working for nearly one year now and already has investments under its belt.

Backed directly by Google, Google Capital is different from Google Ventures in that it will only fund established companies that want to go big in a big way and not early-stage ventures as Google Ventures. 

David Lawee, Partner, Google Capital announced that Google Capital will fund companies that have already built a solid foundation and are really ready to expand their business in big ways.

“We’ll look across a range of industries for companies with new technologies and proven track records in their fields. Our investments to date include SurveyMonkey, Lending Club and Renaissance Learning—with many more to come,” he said.

Google Capital will not just be a monetary investment but a life partner, working with its portfolio companies by giving them access to its abundant talent, passion and strategic expertise and product technology.
“While many investors may contribute money and advice to the companies they support, Google Capital is going beyond that and tapping into our greatest assets: our people. They help us succeed, and we believe they can help our portfolio companies do the same, “Lawee said.