CEO Weekends: Nigeria’s Growing Strong | Offering Trips to Over 200 Destinations


Nigeria’s a Spark-backed firm has become the country’s largest bus travel inventory offering trips to over 200 destinations with departure points from 7 states in the country. also has business relationship with over 65 bus operators, the biggest in the travel business is currently investing in growing out the business and continuously improving its offering to the customer.

Now with a team of 20 people, and a partnership with PAGA to offer alternative payment options to customers and several other partnerships in the pipeline, has its eye on making sure it offers a convenient means of bus ticket to its users in Lagos Nigeria  then expand out of the continent when the time is right. provides travelers in Nigeria with the convenience of pre-booking bus travel tickets online or via telephone with a mission to make traveling easier for commuters, help drive more customers to bus operators and improve bus transportation services to over 200 destinations in Nigeria.

However, even with the increasing number of users, CEO Amy Muoneke says there is so much to be done to encourage more people to use online booking.

Amy told TechMoran, “Our biggest challenge is still an ongoing challenge, and it’s changing the mindset of the people about a sector that has functioned in a particular way – so trying to covert people to online booking is a challenge but one that is not insurmountable and I must say that there is a positive change every day.”

555111_172779806213205_1208152050_nPeople are not so used to booking  their bus travel tickets online or via phone because it is not traditional but with the increasing number of internet users in Nigeria, nearly 30 percent of the entire population, is sure to make a mark in the country’s travel sector.