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New e-passport Fees Approved in Nigeria


The e-passport, also known as a biometric passport is both a paper and electronic passport that contains biometric information that can be used to confirm traveler identities.
Yesterday in a statement signed by Mr David Parradang. Comptroller-general of Nigeria Immigration Service in Abuja the federal government announced on the new major reforms and costs on the new Nigerian e-passport.

In accordance with the statement a 64-page frequent traveller’s passport would be acquired at N 20,000 ($122).

It also stated that passports for those aged between 18 and 60 would cost N15000 ($91) and those below 18 years as well as those above 60 years would be acquired at N8750 ($53).

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For change of data or lost passport this would cost a traveller N20, 000 ($122)
The statement said.

The statement also read that a cost of N30, 000($183) would be imposed on those wishing to change data on request, and a cost of N8, 750($53) on those who would wish to change names due to marriage, divorce or death of a spouse.

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The statement added that the new move would accommodate frequent travellers, prevent identity theft and meet current international standards, lastly that the date of release for the new passport would be communicated shortly after.

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