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Nigeria’s Set to Launch to Help You Land Top Jobs Hustle Free

by Sam Wakoba
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Job seeking has itself become a job, especially as many graduate from universities across Africa and even as those in the Diaspora come back home after studies and toiling in foreign lands.
Nigeria’s, a new online job portal set to launch out of Beta in a few weeks time wants to provide employment seekers a fast and easy way to find jobs from reputable companies in their chosen field of career. Majaji founders say they are building a simple tool that allows job-seekers to go online and in less than 5 minutes,create a mini CV, choose their specific job of choice, click on the phone alert icon,pay a little token for subscription and then have their jobs of choice sent to them as they evolve, no matter their location,for a year.
The platform is being developed by Chima Onyeoziri and Kunle Jegede who told TechMoran they weren’t happy with the way job seeking was in Africa. They were also tired with the idea of job seekers browsing from site to another hunting for jobs and therefore sat down to build a platform that will have all the jobs in Nigeria and be accessible on mobile or via SMS.

With a reportedly over 20 years experience in internet technology and management, the two say they are a building a socially responsible and sustainable technology venture that will transform lives in Africa. Onyeoziri, a Human Resource expert who willl be responsible for strategic product research and development while Jegede is in charge of identifying emerging market opportunities, partnership synergies and product lunch dynamics.

“The unemployment problem in Africa,most especially Nigeria. Nigeria has over 60 million unemployed graduates,non-graduates and artisans roaming the streets. When we did our research ,we discovered that the unemployment problem in Africa is mainly because of lack of friendly channel of communication between the job-seekers,job application platforms and the employers, “Onyeoziri tells TechMoran.

jobberman“Most online job sites in Nigeria only allows for general registration with e-mail addresses and with little or no option of specificity on job type,location,field,wage options. We observed that  almost all these unemployed Nigerians  have mobile phones that could easily access text message delivery at low cost unlike the internet deliveries that is attached to higher cost of access.”

With over 150 million phone subscribers in Nigeria, the two decided to build a platform that will deliver SMS job alerts with precise information to job seekers. The founders say there main focus is to provide quality and detailed information to their customers by sending to them available jobs via SMS and email alerts while adhering to their personal job interests.

“The focus is to have a direct correspondence contact with all the companies,retail outlets,SMEs and individual employers in Nigeria and subsequently enter the Sub-Saharan Africa. This will enable us get authentic job listing,” says Onyeoziri.

Majaji says its subscribers get first hand information on jobs they are qualified for while employers and recruiters use it as a totally mobile recruitment solution for their hiring needs to ensure that job opportunities are effectively distributed by harnessing the power of the mobile technology.

Though there are several local competitors in Nigeria, like the popular job site Jobberman Majaji says they offer basically unfiltered job broadcasts from different sites  to e-mails which end up as SPAM and time wasting.

And though they are still in Beta, they are working to get as many jobs online as possible before they launch to the public.

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