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Nigeria’s JumpSpace Communications Launches Find-A-Med to Help You Find the Nearest Medical Team


FIND-A-MEDInspired by the loss of a friends whose lives could have been saved, and daily random accident victims whose lost lives before they could get any medical attention, Nigeria’s JumpSpace Communications has lunched a location-based mobile application in a move to help end this menace.

Dubbed Find-A-Med, the app helps users find nearest health centers around them, store their basic health records and as well keep track their health  on the go via their mobile phones. The app, currently available on the Google Play and Apple stores and online at www.find-a-med.com for free, has already signed up over 5000 medical centers to give users access to its rich database of the country’s hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, dental care, eye care, laboratories and other medical centers, as real physical location and turn-by-turn directions to medical centers near them.

In a statement, Emeka Onyenwe, Co-founder JumpSpace Communications said, “Though a large number of medical centers of varying quality exist in every part of Nigeria. There is no accessible, searchable database. Find-A-Med was created to solve this challenge”.

The founders says Find-A-Med also doubles as a quality review directory as opens up raw data to users in a more usable format to help them make healthy decisions and be accountable and also ask for accountability from the health centers. The team says the  app has already begun receiving great reviews and has been named “a great tool for the health sector, providing easy access to relevant and accurate health centre and professional medical information that even local business listing services have struggled to provide in such a way” even though the app is still in pilot.