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Military Shuts Down Telephone Lines in Nigeria’s Borno State to Engage Boko Haram Rebels

by Sam Wakoba
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The military has shut down telephone lines in Borno State Nigeria as it enters raids bases of of the Boko-Haram Islamic terrorists group, reports Nigeria’s Premium Times.

According to the paper, telephone users were on Wednesday shocked when they realized they couldn’t use their phones due to lack of network service in the state as the military shut them down to engage Boko Haram rebels.

The users had a “No service” notice every time they tried to reach their contacts. According to the paper, the Spokesman of the 7-Division of the Nigeria Army, Muhammed Dole, said the move was to allow the military to fight the terrorists group which has been a menace in the country since it was founded in 2009.

With over 4 million people, Borno State is located in the North East Geo-Political Zone of Nigeria and shares international boundaries with Republic of Niger and Chad in the north and Cameroon in the east.  The state is rich in livestock and fishery products. Borno State has been under emergency rule since May 2014 and the shut down is worrying some residents thinking it might be long as it is a first major shut down of telephone lines since the June 2013 shutdown that lasted for six months.

“We all know the inconveniences that this might have brought, but it is a necessary and temporary measure that will not take long time” Dole told the paper. To him, the shut down is necessary sacrifice for the residents to help make peace in the state.

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