Ideco’s EVIM Takes Visitor Management To New Heights




Ideco South Africa, the market leader in identity control, workforce management and access control based on biometric solutions, has launched EVIM (Electronic Visitor Identity Management) to the domestic market.

EVIM is an advanced mobile data terminal with an integrated fingerprint scanner used to replace the traditional visitors book.

The offering has been introduced to meet a growing need for solutions that are designed to address escalating incidents of data fraud and identity theft.

EVIM marries the advantages of a digital visitor register system with security in the cloud and integrated fingerprint biometrics.

The Managing Director at Ideco, Marius Coetzee, says there is a marked increase in demand for comprehensive identification solutions in visitor management systems, to strengthen security control practices.

The market is aware of the relevance of a visitor register in terms of the OHS Act, but also realize there is no value in the current paper-based process used at almost every entrance.

EVIM incorporates a number of key features that combine the accuracy of biometric ID-based transactions with the security of digital cloud-based processing, providing full protection of personal information in terms of the POPI Act.

The system facilitates barcode scanning for accurate data input and can perform online ID checks in under 12 seconds. It is also configurable to capture multiple data fields and records all transactions on secure cloud servers.

Only authorised users can access EVIM’s online visitors logs and all data can be sorted, filtered or grouped. In addition to the automated daily visitor reports the export function provides a CSV file to import data to any other business system.

“Business processes can be automated based on the information captured. Users can create custom fields to capture additional details specific to your organization, and business rules will then process specific events according to your requirements,” Coetzee adds.