A Modern-Day Nokia 3310 Is Here.


Released back in 2000, one of the most successful nokia gadgets Nokia 3310 is actually making a modern-day come back.

This cult handset will add a 41MP pure View camera with Zeiss optics and Xenon flash, it will also run on a modified version of Windows Phone 8 to fit the unique ‘ClearDiamond’ three inch touch screen having live tiles and app folders are supported which also comes pre-intalled with MS Office, Xbox Games, Outlook and OneDrive that offers 7GB free cloud storage out of the box. The device will come in yellow, blue, red and green as well as the classic metallic dark blue.

“I’m really excited that we’ve found a way found a way to marry our innovative PureView technology with such a beloved device. Withits durable design and iconic look, we think even more people will enjoy our signature pure view magic,” said Juha Alakarhu, Nokia head of imaging Technologies.

Nokia 3310 will come in handy with a dual-core processor 2GB RAM and 32GB of on-board storage into a case that mimics the original size (113 x 48 x 22mm) and weight (133g). a side mounted MicroSD card slot will offer additional storage expansion and to add on to those features, the gadget will rollout with 3G connectivity while LTE- equipped will follow later in the year.

Popular games; Snake II, Pairs II, space impact and Bantumi, a currency converter and original monophonic ringtones are part of the renewed device.