Oya.com.ng Wants to Bring Sanity to Nigerian Roads



With over 21 million residents, Lagos is the most populous city in Africa and Africa’s fastest growing entrepreneurial society with less hype and cut-throat competition.

However, it’s traffic jams are also so terrifying and probably the most horrible in the world too.

Oya.com.ng, a bus ticketing company launched last year by Obinna Ogbodo and Nnazilim Egbuonu with backup from investor Chika Nwobi, founder of Mtech and CEO of L5lab,   aims to bring back sanity to Nigerian roads.

Oya wants to make travel by bus easier and fun across Nigeria by helping travelers pre-book and buy bus tickets before the day of travel. Users can call them to reserve a seat of their choice or alternatively visit their website and pick any seat of their choice and from the transport company of their choice. By doing so Oya aims to curb the stress and hassle road users encounter when buying bus tickets, and the nuisance constituted by touts at the respective terminals cannot be over emphasized.


“There are a few other companies that are into our line of business, we don’t compete so we wont refer to them as competitors as the sky is big enough for all birds to fly,” said Obinna Ogbodo and Nnazilim egbuonu to TechMoran in an email interview.

“In two years we see the company being a household name, and yes, we will spread across other African countries when  our aims are fully achieved in Nigeria,’ they added.

The site works simply. A user visits the website and puts where they are and where they are going and when. The startup automatically finds buses plying the requested route, the user picks a bus of their choice from among the listed, the traveller enters their dettails and choses their payment options and then they send him an mTicket to their phone numbers.

On the day of travel, a user just presents the mTicket to them and then they’ll issue them a ticket they can use to board a bus of their choice. Users can also call the firm directly to make their reservations.

The founders say they have several payment options on their website so users choose the one most comfortable for them .

“The ideal payment option would be to pay online but the challenge is that most people are scared of online transactions. We have the alternative of reserving a seat and then paying cash at the terminal on the day of travel,” the founders say.

However the founders say the entrepreneurial journey is not as easy as it looks but those looking to start tech business need to be patient, embrace hardwork and work smart to soar.