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Rocket Internet Launches to Help Clean Your Premises

by Sam Wakoba
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Helping founders

Helping founders

Rocket Internet has launched, an online booking platform for professional cleaners for just 12.90 €/h quickly and easily.Helping promises users can book cleaners in three simple steps in 60 seconds and don’t fret, all cleaners on the marketplace have licenses and won’t run away with your stuff.

As a tradition, the service will first be available in Berlin, Munich, Cologne and Hamburg, but will soon extend to all big cities in Germany and continue to expand into other countries within the next weeks and months.

According to Benedikt Franke, co-founder at Helpling: “Helpling in Germany has enormous potential, with the cleaning industry creating an annual turnover of over 13 billion euros. Around 4 million people in Germany use cleaning support on a frequent basis, but currently only 5% of these workers are legally licensed to carry out this work in Germany. Our marketplace offers households the opportunity to book qualified helpers flexibly and comfortably online.”


The app works simply.
Customers visit enter their address, desired cleaning time, duration and special cleaning requests. Then an algorithm selects through the helping database for a cleaning professional perfectly matching the client’s request. Helping then recommends the cleaner to the client for just 12.90 € / h.

Users can also submit their feedback on the helpers and even rate them or add to their favorites.
The Berlin-based start-up says it’s a win-win situation for both consumers and household helpers: clients can be assured that Helpling’s staff are being fairly paid and are legally licensed to work in this sector, whilst household helpers are offered security and fairness by the Helpling system. Moreover, 20% of the cost of these cleaning services can be claimed for household-related costs at the end of the year, making the cost after taxes just 10.30 €/h.

Philipp Huffmann, co-founder at Helpling says,“With our service, we are enabling clients to forget the stresses of everyday cleaning and focus on other tasks. At the same time we offer our cleaning staff a legal and fair income, as well as enabling them to access a wider client base, so they can be less dependent on individual clients.”

Helpling is currently active in Germany and will be soon available in further markets in the near future.

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