Cisco Ignites Enterprise Collaboration with Products That Will Change The Way Teams Connect


Cisco New video and collaboration endpoints March 2014 2




Cisco has introduced a new video and collaboration solutions designed to put high-quality video for everyone in the organization, regardless of the sizes.


When it comes to great experiences, Cisco promises to give great HD solutions with the Cisco TelePresence® MX200 is optimal for smaller rooms, the Cisco TelePresence MX700 and Cisco TelePresence MX800 for the medium-and large sized rooms respectively.



The company will has no compromises between price and performance; because costing less than the price of a PC, The Cisco TelePresence SX10 Quick Set builds upon elements many companies already have in smaller meeting spaces to create incredible video meeting spaces.



Sabrina Dar, Cisco General Manager, EA said: “Previous attempts to deliver collaboration have been incremental and good. But the cold, hard truth is that today’s collaboration tools are forcing users to do today’s jobs with yesterday’s technology. It is time for a change. The industry is ready for a great leap forward, and Cisco is making that leap. These new products represent the first phase of a multi-phase roll-out in how Cisco is re-imagining collaboration and setting the foundation for a revolution in the industry; stay tuned for more.”

Technology makes t easier to connect and collaborate with a number of employees as well as other participating partners in a organization from any location’ as opposed to a web-cam video.



But there isn’t enough of this technology: industry statistics show that more than 93 percent of meeting rooms globally aren’t equipped with high-quality video. So, many times we have to do without.  In this era of the Internet of Everything (IoE), Cisco believes video needs to be available everywhere: from the browser to the boardroom to all the spaces in between, including the other 93 percent of meeting rooms.



The company says that all of this products will be available by the end of May this year.