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EaseUS Data Recovery Software for Mac

400894_479755785382228_1743561326_nBy Demi Hor

Data recovery software is a vital tool for anyone who works on computers. It is also nice to have for the casual computer hobbiest or even those who just use computers for business and home use. Most times when a file is deleted from a computer it can be recovered without needing a software recovery program. However, there are the rare instances where files can be deleted by accident causing them to be inaccessible forever. This is most common when working in the registry of a computer or when the user has administrator privileges. With a data recovery software like EaseUS’s these files can fortunately be recovered. It is important to keep in mind that data recovery software should be seen as a backup plan to more assured ways of backup such as hard storage or cloud storage. Below are some short descriptions of the main features offered by EaseUS for their mac data recovery software.


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Compatible With Mac OS

There are significantly more software programs available for Windows PC than there are for Mac OS. EaseUS offers data recovery for both these operating systems types. This allows users to use the same software on multiple machines that they may own. EaseUS Mac data recovery combines an easy to use interface with powerful software enabling all media file types to be recovered. It comes complete with a step by step wizard process which can walk and guide the user through the program in order to ensure that the correct files are recovered. There are also multiple options presented on this graphical interface allowing for freedom and flexibility.

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Two Different Data Recovery Modes

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The EaseUS data recovery software comes packaged with two separate data recovery modes. This ensures that any files still recoverable will still be able to be recovered by the software. The first mode the software can be run in is known as Standard Scan mode. This is the most simple mode and will recover all of the readily available files that have recently been deleted on the computer. The other available scan is the Deep Scan. This scan is able to recover formatted file types as well as other inaccessible files. This also provides the benefit of being able to recover RAW and other often difficult to recover file types.

Other Benefits

943061_598565373501268_1357116201_nAnother added benefit is that EaseUS’s mac recovery software is time efficient through its usage of two different scanning functions to maximize speed. The software also conveniently stores and arranges files. This allows for the user to more quickly locate their restored files.

The data recovery software also is able to recover the full original file types and restore them to their original quality. Beyond just allowing for the recovery of files off of Mac machines the mac data recovery allows for files to be recovered off of other external devices. This includes flash drives and other external storage devices. EaseUS’s data recovery software is packed full of more than enough features for any computer user or company out there.


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