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Knack International Wants to Raise More Money to Supply Africa with Tablets

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Tablet PC is the present day phenomenon, now are days it is common to see captains of industries, policy makers, celebrities, the academia and other professionals using a personal Tablet for multiple purposes. Tablet PCs have become quite an essential thanks to their extreme portability, easy to use, pen enabled intersurface and functionality. They replace other less handy devices for someone who does multiple functions daily.

The positive impacts of information technology on the human race cannot be over emphasised, technology has metamorphosed virtually all sphere of life. Information and data are now better accessible, vast and handy. Business transactions, healthcare, educational materials, contacts, recreation and leisure are more ready accessible.

Knack International Limited is an indigenous ICT company specialised in the design and production of Tablet PCs. The time has come for Africa to shine in the world of science and technology and Knack is one of the many gallant organizations that pioneers such course through innovative endeavours  by designing Tablets with optimum capacities. Knack Tablet is proudly a Nigerian produce, an impressive device with 2 models presently in the market and more on the way.

 The 7.0 3G model: this Tablet has some unique features and functionality; it is an ultra slim, sleek and portable device. With this features; wifi, dual sim, front and rear camera (2MP & 5MP) 1GB RAM, 8 GB internal memory, S.D slot of 32GB and 7inch screen.  The 7.0 Model enable a pen based computing and digital ink for flexible note taking. 7.0 Model is a handy device for business trips and persons who are always on the go. It saves energy and meets modern day demand for online business, transactions, information and communication. The Knack 7.0 model can work 10hours web usage before requiring power recharge.  It can conveniently serve for site locations, business meetings, presentations and combine work, family and person purposes. The 7.0 has had inbuilt games, CorelDraw, note pad and lots more.

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 The 7.0″ 2G Model: this gives room for alternative, though designed for same purposes, the 7.0″ 2G  model has the same functionalities and we call it the”people’s Tab” because it is easily affordable as it costs around $100 and thus will make it the most affordable full function android tablet.  An inbuilt 3GB, front and rear camera (2MP & 5MP), 1 GB RAM, 8 GB internal memory.
The people’s Tab is super slim, sleek and elegant. S.D slot of 32 and HMDI.
All our tablets have a very high screen resolution.

Knack Tablet PCs grew exponentially in the last 9months with great sales in just 6 months of marketing without external funding. We are taking the world by storm with quality that surpasses expectations.

Knack Tablets though elegant, gives its users the air of ruggedness that puts the mind at rest if manhandled. Users enjoy an 18 warranty, low power requirement and 500MB free data.

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Knack 7.0″  is a ‘jewel in an already glittering world’ and a fantastic value for money.

Our Partnership: Knack International Limited has an ongoing partnership arrangements with a few telecoms operators.

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We are presently working on a partnership with another IT firm (a subsidiary of Knack) to make the monthly subscription easy for big data users by making it affordable as that has been the bane of android users.

Afolobi Mark, co-founder.
Afolobi Mark, co-founder.

Other partnerships are ongoing…
Knack Tablet PC is a pride for Nigerian and a laudable step towards development, innovation and job creation as we presently have demand in Tens of Thousands from 7 African countries and we plan to employ 1000 Nigerians within the next one year and plans have been completed on  making knack a $100m company after one year of funding through a proven marketing model.

Let us therefore work together to invest in the future. Africa is the future of the world, we are blessed with vast potentials and yet to be explored resources and we believe in partnership.

Make a date with the Knack team: if you are passionate about optimum quality and wish to invest in this great undertaking, let have a round table discussion.

We are open to partnership within and outside Nigeria.

We believe in Nigeria…We believe in Africa!

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