Home Startups Launches in South Africa as Country Goes to a Major Election Launches in South Africa as Country Goes to a Major Election

by Brian Wafula
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The London-based, an opinion based social network, co-founded by British Lebanese entrepreneurs and brothers, Alexander Asseily and Mark Asseily has began a major push in South Africa as the country goes to its General Election tomorrow.

Unlike other networks which connect people due to their personal, professional or social interests, links people via their opinions and aims to give everyone a voice as often the weak are not heard.

382405_597207293631549_1835663105_n“With the important upcoming general election, all eyes are on South Africa,” said State co-founder, Alex Asseily. “We want to make the State web platform and our latest mobile app for iPhone available to all South Africans so that they can debate the issues and see how voter sentiment is shaping up.”

Available as a web platform and iPhone app,  with an Android app coming soon, State aims to make it easier for South Africans to air their opinions and link with others of the same opinion around the world. The iPhone app has also launched a world map to show what conversation is trending where, globally.

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State says it has over 25 million topics on government, religion, fashion, tech, movies and science and much more like breaking news, events and games.

Present in over 100 countries, with thousands of opinions, the firm organises opinions by topic and makes each topic interactive with instant feedback to the contributor, conversation, relevant links and related topics and social sharing of opinions to Facebook and Twitter. State’s insights can be shared with companies, communities and organisations for decision making.

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