Zuku Injects Over Ksh 40 Million to Bring 50Mbps to Your Home


Wananchi Group’s home entertainment and communication services brand Zuku, has invested over Ksh 50 million to launch its new 50 Mbps Internet service, the fastest residential service offering in the market.

The over Kshs 40 million is being spend on Zuku’s network infrastructure modernization to achieve speeds of 50Mbps and then start a pilot to 100 customers in areas like Runda, Spring Valley, Karen.

The service will then be deployed on the company’s latest high capacity fiber optic network technology -GPON   with full roll out expected by August to more customers.

According to Wananchi Group’s CEO Richard Alden noted, “Kenyans are now demanding more speeds, and this demand has fuelled our overall broadband strategyby revamping our internet offering. Not only are we now delivering the fastest speed today, but our infrastructure has the capacity to support even higher speeds as demand and usage grows.”


Zuku’s yet to be launched service is in line with Kenya’s National broadband strategy which outlines a stable connectivity with high connection speeds of up to 40Mbps in urban areas, and 5Mbps in rural areas by 2017. The firm’s 50Mbps will give its users speeds to enjoy seamless data, voice and video and various services which are classified as imperative towards the economic development of the country using ICT.

Zuku is also expanding its fiber to the home across key counties with Mombasa currently ongoing with an anticipated 100,000+ homes in Mombasa to be connected.