Epson Unveils Smart Glasses At Droidcon Berlin




Epson is in the verge of releasing the Moverio BT-200. This is a unique binocular, see-through, Android-powered smart glasses that will be introduced to European developers at Droidcon Berlin this week.

With Europe’s most influential developers in attendance, the company sees the event as the perfect place to build relationships with Android developers, who will have the potential to create pioneering applications using the device’s revolutionary technology.

Having developed its first generation of smart glasses in 2011, Epson has made great strides forward with its latest model. Available across Europe from June, the Moverio BT-200 presents a wealth of new opportunities to Android developers, particularly in the realm of augmented reality (AR).

During Droidcon Berlin, Epson will showcase applications created by developers that have already started developing for Moverio, including Imaginary Computer, Metaio and Wikitude.

Valerie Riffaud-Cangelosi, senior manager at Epson Europe, commented: “In the same way that smart devices presented new opportunities when they were launched a decade ago, the Moverio BT-200 is setting new boundaries, allowing Android developers to take applications to the next level.

“We believe Moverio has the potential to offer much more than any tablet or smart device, and presents an opportunity to change the way the world consumes information and content. But to achieve this, we need the expertise and creative minds of the Android community to help us develop applications that make the most of our product’s revolutionary technology. And that is why we are excited and looking forward to presenting the second generation device at this year’s Droidcon event in Berlin.”