Mxit Leads On Social Media in SA Elections


Mxit social network, a South Africa originated platform led on social media in the south African election with the highest reach and popularity in the country.

Users used the platform by the influential youth market who subscribed to numerous political organizations, voting and news apps that out-deed mobile social competitors in terms of following .age group 18- 25 year old which makes up approximately 50% percent of Mxit’s user base, this is because of the firm’s data-light functionality that provides many youths in the country with primary access to the internet through their mobile feature phone as well as creatively designed apps for the subscriber.

Users also formed community groups politically driven by location or interest making it easier for political parties who posted announcements and updates to their group members with others having “Live chats” where a number of ministers engaged thousands of young people in a promoted session.

Other apps like DemocraCITY allowed users to take control of a virtual country and look after its people in a fun and interactive way it addressed a wide range of socio-political challenges as they led their community to prosperity in which it received 134000times also generating more than 18milion page views.