Media Council Of Kenya Warns Vulgar Radio Talk Shows


The media council of Kenya has warned radio Talk shows with vulgar content of strict repercussions after numerous complaints by the public. A survey was conducted found not only were the shows not following the journalistic code of conduct but were also hosted by untrained personnel.

The council commissioned a survey titled ‘the Media Monitoring Report on Radio Talk Shows’, which was unveiled yesterday and found 54 per cent of respondents indicated there is a problem of obscenity in radio talk shows because the hosts were not in control of the discussions and thus let them spiral out of control.

Moreover, 56 per cent of respondents believe many callers use fictitious names as a veil for making invective and reckless contributions, while 58 per cent said the discussions were not constructive, developmental or serious enough to inform policy issues.

Speaking at the launch of the report, Harun Mwangi, chief executive officer (CEO) of the Media Council, said  Kenyans are  used to absolute freedom and  can’t have freedom that is not governed by conditionalities and  cannot just make money and sacrifice the interests of the country in terms of morals.

The council wants the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) and media owners to come up with a code for broadcasters and journalism colleges to have training facilities and for only accredited journalists to go on air.

They will also be coming up with a Diploma in Journalism curriculum by September to be used in colleges, the timeline of which will be two and a half years.