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Jumia Nigeria’s Sales Force to Extend Outside Lagos & Abuja


JumiaJumia has warded the members of her sale force team for hitting her highest sales since inception in April 2014 in order to recognize, motivate and empower team members.

The online store held a team bonding event for all team members to further enhance a team spirit within the Jumia Sales force.

According to Hajar Ohusin, The Head of Sales force, “With the continuous efforts of each Sales force members, the team is getting stronger and stronger especially now that we are reaching into more cities and even smaller towns across the country. Jumia Nigeria invests quality time and intensive training in each employee and as a result, staffs are highly motivated and driven. There are also other empowerment initiatives such as coaching and mentoring programs resulting in great output”.

Jumia plans to expand and recruit more people to join the team outside Lagos and Abuja, there is a constant growth within the Jumia Sales force. One of the aims of this is to empower and motivate young people, instilling entrepreneurial skills in them for a better national economic growth.