Pocketplan from Ex-Rocket Internet Managers Wants to Help You Go Out in South Africa


1920248_674055989324947_897298023_n iOS and Android users in both Cape Town and Johannesburg have a reason to smile with the help of Pocketplan, an app that’s helping users go out in the cities by giving them the ability to scroll through a handpicked list of events and purchase tickets directly through their mobile phone.

“We started this company to make it really easy to discover great events and go out. There is so much happening, yet a lot of people end up in those few old spots, feeling like their nights could be more. Newspapers and entertainment blogs are overcrowded with events and hard to navigate. With Pocketplan, we wanted to offer an app that simplifies the whole process. Our success proves that we solve a real problem. Some of our users check Pocketplan just minutes after getting up,” say the two Co-Founders of Pocketplan, Martin Mygind and Fabian Kast, both Ex-Rocket Internet managers.

The two say Pocketplan, has a selective number of events happening over the next 72 hours, from bustling roof top parties and yoga lessons on Table Mountain to a dragon boat race and sushi-making classes. The app also features well-established venues, exclusive art exhibitions, street magic shows and the occasional flash mob via its list of partners in the intertainment industry such as 5FM’s Roger Goode.

There are several events apps in South Africa such as Gigham among others, but Candice Heyns, Pocketplan’s nightlife curator, explains, “We only list events that will make a difference to our users, making money comes after that. As a professional DJ, my insights into South Africa’s music scene allow me to understand if events are something we want to recommend. To make going out with us even more attractive, our tickets often come with exclusive benefits like skipping the queue, getting a free drink or snagging small discounts!”

Pocketplan comes with an integrated ticketing function, which allows users to purchase tickets directly through the app. To get into a venue, users simply show their phone at the door. Pocketplan comes with a route planning function to help navigating to new venues. Besides, the app allows users to create reminders for events and share evening plans with friends on Facebook.

Live in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Bogotá, Pocketplan says it has secured partnerships with various well-established venues and event organisers across South Africa, including SEED Experiences (Rocking the Daisies and We Are One Colour Festival), Ramfest, The Galileo Open-Air Cinema, Make- Believe, The Assembly, The Side Show and the Endler Concert Hall.