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Will SuperSport Bring Augmented Reality for the FIFA World Cup?

by Sam Wakoba
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augmented-reality-iphone-football-conceptSuperSport is saying that viewers of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, starting on Thursday will be treated to Augmented reality,  real-time social engagement, live streaming and behind-the-scenes pictures and videos of  DStv’s SuperSport’s expert panel, including Manchester United assistant manager Ryan Giggs according to DStv.

DStv says SuperSport’s coverage will not be limited to the live broadcast that has always been but will deliver engaging, interactive content across multiple platforms is key. With AR, the firm says fans will be able to view the matches directly, project or pull close players and maybe view information about them as they play in real life. Don’t worry, this images are computer-generated with sound video and GPS data, and if SuperSport guys are serious, they will just inject virtual elements into images of your favourite player as they play in real time, but wait, its just a few hours to go.

In a statement, Brandon Foot, SuperSport’s Acting CEO said,“SuperSport will be placing a major emphasis on its digital platforms in the build-up and duration of the FIFA World Cup. We appreciate the need to supply fans with the most engaging, interactive, up-to-date and shareable content in the quickest time. Fortunately, we have the team and platforms to deliver a world-class digital offering for the world’s largest tournament.”

So as FIFA World Cup fans, a promise is a debt, DStv is promising that for the first time, the World of Champions’ presentation will include augmented reality, utilising the latest technology. Using high-end graphics, SuperSport will take viewers into 3-D representations of all stadiums, enabling experts to analyse the game like never before. What happens if this is just a PR gimmick to convince you why you need to activate your account or the firm will deliver? Join the countdown on Twitter at #SSFootball


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