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CEO Weekends: Fathers’ Day Tech Gifts For Dads

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As we mark Fathers’ Day this Sunday, 16 June, many are left clueless on what to buy for their beloved dads or men who made an impact in their lives. Techmoran highlights the latest trending gadgets that you can package for your dads across the globe!

The Fuel Micro Phone Charger

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The Fuel Micro Phone Charger is the world’s smallest portable phone charger breaking the world record as it is nearly the size of a coin. It contains a 220mAh battery in its jerry can that will give your phone up to 20 to 30 minutes extra talk time or a good few hours standby, depending on your device. A full charge via the USB cable should last for at least a month before depleting. The casing is made from die cast aluminium making it strong, durable, yet lightweight so it won’t weigh you down.

Flip open the cap to find the micro USB ‘spout’ which will connect to most smartphones. Thanks to the wee size of the Fuel Micro Phone Charger, it can be hung on your dads’ key ring.

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Product Features
  • World’s smallest portable phone charger
  • Slightly bigger than a £2 coin
  • Made from die cast aluminium
  • Charge via USB
  • Micro USB ‘spout’
  • Works with most smartphones (not including iPhone)
  • Holds charge for approx. 1 month before depleting
  • 20 – 30 minutes talk time
  • 3 LED charging indicators
  • Measures approx. 3.3cm x 2.3cm x 1.3cm
Price : £19.95

Shocking pen

Shocking Pen

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For the sake of Father’s day, this one of a kind electric pen has been reduced from  £4.95 to £3.95. It can be used to trick your friends and family with this electric shocking pen! Next time someone asks you for a pen, there’s hilarious fun to be had with this great gag. Click the top of the pen and watch as the shock hits their fingers! Comes supplied with 3 x AG3 batteries.

Please note: this product emits an electric charge and as such is not suitable for people with pacemakers or who suffer from epilepsy.

Product Features
  • Novelty pen that gives off a small electric shock when clicker is depressed
  • Cannot be used to write with
  • People always stealing your pens?
  • Leave this on your desk then!
  • An electric shock is one click away!
  • Pen measures approx. 15cm long

Price:  £9.95




Fish Eye Lens for iPhone

Fish Eye Lens For iPhoneThis detachable fish eye lens will allow you to transform your camera to take quick selfies for your and your loved ones. It comes with two slim line protective cases (1 for iPhone 4 – 1 for iPhone5) which you can screw the fish eye onto.

The high quality lightweight cases are durable and discreet with a rubberized feel and non-slip grip, great for keeping a steady hand. These lenses add a whole new perspective to your photography with 160° wide angle shots. Take quirky videos and photos at parties, use for travelling or zoom in on your friends/pets face for hilarious outcomes.

Product Features

  • Detachable fish eye lens
  • 160° wide angle
  • Screw lens into protective case
  • Add new perspective to your photos
  • Great for parties
  • Case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5

Price: £19.95



Secret Agent Clock

Secret Agent Clock

Sometimes owning that must have gadget is all about how cool it makes you feel, especially when using it, and that’s exactly what the Secret Agent Clock is all about. This gun shaped alarm clock instantly turns you into the next James Bond anytime you want to know what the time is! Simply pull-out the gun from under your pillow and fire to project the time onto your wall or ceiling. It’s the perfect clock for anyone that struggles to sleep at night with the light of normal LED clocks as it only displays when you need to see it. Let’s face it when you wake up in the middle of the night curious as to what time it is the last thing you want is to be blinded by the powerful backlight of your phone.

The Secret Agent Alarm Clock fires a digital projection of the time onto any surface in bright red LEDs. A bell icon lets you know you have an alarm set and when that times finally comes around, your gun will vibrate to wake you up (perfect if you sleep with it under your pillow). Just like any other alarm clock it comes with a snooze button for people who struggle with the early mornings and is powered by only two AAA batteries.

Product Features
Unique gun alarm clock
Aim and fire projected time
Works on any surface
Displays time for 30 seconds
Snooze feature
Stash under pillows
Vibrating alarm
Requires 2 x AAA batteries
  • Price: £19.95



Long gone are the days when you needed a backpack to carry your music player in, these days we can fit 1000s of songs onto something the size of our little pinkies. There was once a time before DVDs, even before CDs, when the cassette tape player ruled the world!

Now the tape player is back, but with a modern twist since cassette tapes aren’t so popular anymore. The iRecorder lets you look like the retro hipster you’ve always dreamed of, but doesn’t separate you and your beloved iPhone. Instead of placing a tape into the holder, pop in your iPhone and connect using the small 3.5mm jack. Once connected a green light will appear and you’re good to go! The fully functioning buttons allow you to fast forward, rewind, play/pause and turn the volume up and down. ­­

In homage to the nostalgic boom box, the iRecorder even comes with easy carry pull-out handle so you can share your music with everyone in clear speaker sounds.

Product Features

Portable retro cassette player styled speaker

Functioning buttons, Requires 3 x AA batteries,

Easy carry pull-out handle

Power by micro USB or batteries

Fits iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5

Connect with 3.5mm jack, Measures approx. 23cm x 15cm x 5cm

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