iHub Named Africa Raspberry Pi Reseller | to Launch Online Retail Site


998-00iHub Nairobi will be reselling Raspberry Pi‘s after it struck a deal with UK’s Farnell, Raspberry Pi’s official distributor as its Africa official reseller and distributor in Kenya.

Confirming the deal to TechMoran, Brian Henia, iHub’s Client Relations said, “We recently got a dealership with Raspberry Pi and we are the only official dealer in Kenya. Price per unit will be Ksh 5,999. Our e-commerce site is launching soon hopefully before end of midweek.”

He also confirmed that iHub has received its first consignment and will  provide a dedicated technical support team to help community members and the public to buy them both online and offline.

“We are looking forward to seeing the groundbreaking  innovative products,ideas and growth of local talent that will result from this dealership,” he said in a blog post.

A Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer aimed at stimulating the teaching of basic computer science in schools. The credit-card sized computer plugs into any TV and a keyboard and works as little desktop PC to run word processes, spreadsheets, and games and tutorials. It can also video and can store idocuments on a built-in hard disk or hard disk. Users will need to buy USB keyboards, mice among others. This will make it possible for every home to have a PC for as cheap as Ksh 5,999.