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African SMEs, Startups Adopt automated, human resources solutions

by Susan Mwenesi
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StartupsAfrican startups and Small and Medium Enterprises are fast adopting automated HR and payroll solutions so as  to improve productivity, streamline processes and promote sharing of information.

Gerhard Hartman, Head of Department at Sage HR Africa said HR departments says they are the biggest spenders on technology in African enterprises because they are looking for ways to automate HR and payroll processes.

He added that today’s HR department faces various complex issues among them talent development, performance management and growing regulatory and legislative requirements meaning that the solutions are need for accurate, real-time information for the purposes of statutory reporting and strategic decision-making.

Some of the solutions used include cloud, mobility and social tools.

“There’s a lot of routine admin in HR – automating as much of that as possible can save the organisation time and money,” says Hartman.

“We are seeing many African start-ups and small businesses look at implementing payroll and HR solutions for the first time.”

At the moment, most HR directors look towards cloud-based solutions which  has does not warrant them to have their own infrastructure, software enhancements and updates or backing up data.

Sage Pastel’s East Africa Regional Manager said: “Technology is an important strategic enabler for Kenyan HR departments. Moving to automated payroll software helps them to ensure accurate calculations and keeps them up to date with the latest legislative changes. By automating payroll and HR processes, Kenyan companies can save time, work more efficiently and focus on growing their businesses rather than on doing manual paperwork.”

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