Samsung Launches An A3 Printer Category in East Africa





Samsung Electronics and Copycat have partnered and has launched an A3 multifunction printer segment in East Africa. The MultiXpress series comes fully loaded with features such as ergonomic design, compact size, advanced controls, high reliability, duplex printing and ease of operation.

With the entry into the A3 printer segment, Samsung enterprise business aims to contribute to 10% of Samsung East Africa total turnover over the next few years

“As organizations rapidly expand their businesses, we want to empower them with innovative technology that helps them to evolve and grow their business with a competitive edge. We today offer a suite of innovative, high-quality and reliable smart enterprise devices and solutions that address all business needs across education, healthcare, hospitality, retail and financial sectors. Our entry into the A3 printer category is a confirmation of our commitment to offering new dimensions in printing solutions to both enterprise and SMBs,” said Mr. Robert Ngeru, Vice President, Samsung Electronics East Africa.

We will continue to introduce printing solutions that are customized for regional and user environments, thereby providing perfect products that satisfy local customer needs. Over the next fiscal year, we plan to become a leading player in the A3 MFP market. Keeping in line with this aim, we will be focusing on establishing and consolidating our regional distribution channel by partnering with Copy Cat Ltd as our direct distributors for A3 printers and Solutions.”

The laser printer models launched in the market, which include the CLX-6260FR, CLP-680ND, SCX-8230 NA, SCX-8240 NA and CLX-9352NA, come with unique selling points that will ensure customers get value for money from their purchase.

“We understand that all businesses are cost conscious, as they look for ways to maximize their profits. This range of printers come with – longer lasting toner capacity which, combined with other features such as the polymerized toner that contributes to reduced power consumption, offers users a competitive total cost of ownership,” Ngeru added.

The polymerized toners also improve the overall quality of the print output. The printers also come with an anti-paper jam technology and dual core processors for faster throughput of image driven documents.

For large enterprises, Samsung offers the CLX-9201NA, CLX-9251NA, CLX-9301NA, CLX-9352NA, SCX-8230 NA and SCX-8240 NA that enhance office productivity with faster printing and scanning capabilities, powered by a fully integrated Samsung 1 GHz dual-core processor. These multi-functional printers also come with Free Fleet Management Software, server-less tools that provides increased efficiency and productivity by allowing users to manage, monitor and diagonize multiple printing devices remotely, and seamlessly integrate the document solution with their backend systems.

Operating expenses will be lowered with greater ease using the Eco Mode, a cost-saving feature that helps companies reduce paper and power costs. By simply pressing the Eco button on the multi-function printers, users can print more onto every page, with options for 2-up, 4-up and duplex printing.