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CEO Weekends: How Anything Literally Sells On OLX

OLX-Free-Classifieds“Everything sells, everything sells!” is the slogan OLX, a popular online classifieds’ directory goes. A growing number of individuals have literally taken the slogan into consideration, going a step further to advertising even the most unique goods, difficult to buy in the market.

Founded in March 2006, the privately-owned company has expanded, spreading to more than 106 countries run in 40 languages.

In a country like Kenya, where buyers and sellers often face challenges buying goods and selling goods online, the organization asserts that it provides a simple solution to the complications involved in selling, buying, trading, discussing, organizing, and meeting individuals in any location. Visiting the site, it’s easy to spot a few of unexplored categories of goods, ranging from unique gadgets to real estate properties on sale.

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A few gadgets Techmoran come across include:

GPS vehicles tracker gadget:

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Pictures of  GPS vehicles tracker gadgetThe GPS vehicles tracker can track your vehicle after theft 24 hours on your phone, and get its location on Google map or set moving alarm when one drives from the parking. It is worth Sh6,500


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Hidden Coat Hook Cameras

Pictures of  Hidden Coat Hook Cameras...Stay ahead,Stay informed.......Get one of these Smart gadgets f

This hidden coat hook cameras are selling like hot cakes especially as incidents of child abuse in homes and infidelity are rising in Kenya. “Only one white gadget is remaining”, explains Pitts a dealer of the gadgets. The hidden coat hook cameras that come with no warranty have a tiny camera installed on one rear end on each hook. Each camera costs as little as Sh4,500.




Voice Activated Switch

Voice Activated VOX Switch KitThis Voice activated switch (VOX) “reacts” when it hears sound. You can use it to key a transmitter or turn on a tape recorder automatically when people are talking in a room. You’ll witness your hallway or porch lights turn on at a whistle or better yet, the garage lights when you beep the horn. Kit runs on 6 to 12 Volts and drives up to a current of 100 mA load such as a relay, tape recorder motor, or transmitter key line. Directly switches relays or low voltage loads up to 100mA. Use your voice or noise to control! and Electronic Kit – Assembly Required. It is worth $9.95.





Handheld Electric Tummy Removing Gadget

Pictures of  Electric Tummy Removing Gadget HandheldThis “Highly effective”, handheld electronic tummy removing gadget helps new mums tighten their abdomens while reduce the waist size. It helps reduce Cellulite/fat on your body, restore skin firmness and smoothness. It is used on arms, waist, thighs, legs, buttocks. It is handheld, electric-Plug and Play, has 2 speeds. Price: Sh2,499





Mecer Lucid tablet PC

Pictures of  Mecer lucid tablet pc! Amazing gadget!!The Mecer LUCID is a tablet PC, eleven inch screen, 14mm width and less than 1kg weight. The difference between an iPad and Galaxy is that it is actually a PC. While most businesses run on Windows servers with Exchange or Notes as their email system, it runs full Windows7. Windows runs smoothly thanks to the Intel Pineview. It also comes with 2GB DDR2 RAM. Local storage is supplied by the 32GB solid state hard drive. For storage space, you can simply plug an external drive, into one of the two on-board USB 2.0 ports. There’s also built in SD card reader and a mini-HDMI output. So you can seamlessly connect your LUCID to your HiFi or TV or projector without the need for an extra connector. Once you’re into Windows you have access to anything available to Windows7. It is worth Sh45,000.

As the next generation of free online ads, OLX notes that sellers can control their selling, buying and community activity in My OLX in their local languages while display ads on personal social networking profiles, access the site from any mobile phone and view OLX local language.

“If you are a seller, ensure that the buyer gives you the full amount before you hand over the item to him/her. Don’t accept cheques. Sell safely using OLX.” advices the organization. For details, visit

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