Guinness Record Holder’s Math DVD Set Exhibited in Kenya



Kenyan students facing challenges in pursuing careers in engineering, information technology, mathematics and other scientific courses, will soon find math an easy subject to tackle as Mohammad Faisal, the Guinness Record Holder for the Best Memory has unleashed his secrets on how to simplify complex mathematical problems without the need of a calculator on his new DVD set “The Adventures of Vedic Maths” circulating in exhibitions.

The DVD has been available since 2011 in North India and Pakistan. However, it recently found its way to Nairobi and Mombasa in the tenth annual Egyptian and Middle Eastern Expo held in the country held between May and June 2014 with exhibitors selling at least ten DVD sets with the potential to help students excel.

In Kenya, the education system has been evolving steadily, but is faced with a number of shortcomings such as inadequate teaching or learning resources in schools. Educators have raised concerns over poor performance of public schools on national examinations. For instance, more than 50 per cent of those who took the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams last year scored below average. Yet, students often wish to have a memory that would see them excel in subjects like math.

Like many, Mr. Mohammad Faisal, also known as “the memory man” was not always a top student. But once he delved into the world of “Vedic Maths”, he not only earned a Guinness title, but founded his own MF Academy training pupils and students on memory techniques while giving simple solutions to tough mathematical problems to students worldwide.

In 2002, after Mohammad Faisal completed his studies at the Modern Public School, Moradabad India, he failed to receive an admission to any degree course. But at the time he enrolled for a joined diploma in engineering at Aligarh Muslim University, his journey into the world of Vedic Maths and memory techniques began. That in turn earned him an outstanding performance in his diploma program helping him get employment as a service engineer in LG electronics.

Eventually, in the years 2011 and 2014, he received ground breaking awards for having the strongest memory. On 18 May 2011, he made his attempt by memorizing 18 randomly selected objects in 60 seconds. While in January this year, Faisal broke the record in the category of “Most Countries Identified from Capital Cities in One Minute. Pakistan’s former record holder Mohammad Taha, could only identify 45 countries from their capital cities. However, Faisal identified 52 countries.

“Almighty Allah has given me this ability, I want to enhance it,” Faisal informed India Tomorrow concerning his new record, “ I also want to enhance this ability in young boys and girls also.”

Now running his own institute, he has since conducted sessions in Punjabi University, Patiala, Thapar University to mention a few with plans of expanding operations to the Middle East.

In MF Academy, he delves into courses like memory improvement, brain power and Vedic math. Vedic math contains a list of mental calculation techniques based on the Vedas –  a collection of journals from ancient India.

Faisal’s Vedic Math DVD set comes with simple techniques of performing multiplication, division, square roots and cube roots, for numbers with at least six digits, without the use of a calculator. The mental calculation system discussed in Faisal’s lessons have both intrigued thousands of students and been criticized by academics who have opposed its inclusion in school curriculums.

Nevertheless, exhibitors of the DVD set claim that once students master and learn the techniques, they would be able to tell the exact days of any week from old calendars that merely contain a date and its year, without doing a “Google search”.

“You were born on Thursday, in 12th August 1965,” an exhibitor informs a curious guest after performing one of Mr. Faisal’s simple Mathematical formulas without using any software.

The DVDS are available, worth KSh1,000 each at ongoing the Egyptian and Middle Eastern Expo in Mombasa, Kenya set to end this week.

For details on how to purchase a copy contact Magdy Noeman in charge of the Expo on [email protected] or +254 721257138 or contact Mr. Mohammed Faisal on [email protected].