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Samsung to halt production of plasma TVs

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Samsung has declared openly that come November 30, 2014, it will stop manufacturing PDP TVs (plasma televisions). The electronic giant looks to focus on producing ultra-high-definition (UHD) and curved TVs.Samsung Plasma TVs

Samsung further said that it plans to stay committed to providing customers with products that satisfy their needs.

It is not surprising that Samsung has dumped plasma. Similar measures have been taken by Pioneer, Hitachi, Sony and Panasonic, who backed off from the sector in recent years. According to the Tech Radar, LG is likely to follow suit.

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Plasma screens have been praised for their brightness, high frame rates and deep black levels. They are considered as perfect for watching films and sports. Their major setback is high-energy consumption. Additionally, they are also considerably bulkier than the current and more popular light-emitting diode (LED) and liquid-crystal display (LCD) TVs.

The major challenge is making UHD plasmas yet they are the future of big TVs. Plasma TVs are a lot better than LCD or LED in terms of image quality. Despite this, they cannot be made as thin as LEDs.

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The introduction of increasingly advanced LED TVs that have better brightness, colour gamut and black levels than plasmas have given Samsung some grounds to prolong the production of plasma screens.

It is understandable that home-cinema connoisseurs will always have a soft spot for plasmas though they have simply been superseded technologically.

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