High court orders against Unilever chief arrest


AROMATUnilever Kenya Chief Executive Officer Yaw Nsarkoh will not be arrested following the  High Court issuance of orders against the same for the alleged inclusion of genetically modified (GM) ingredients in the popular Aromat food seasoning.

According to the Business Daily, Nsarkoh through his lawyer, Martin Munyu that Aromat which is alleged to have genetically modified ingredients has in fact met the requirements set by the Standards Act of the Constitution, and is duly certified by the Kenya Bureau of Standards.

In his argument, Munyu added that despite the Kenyan Government banning products that contain GMOs in 2012, the absence of a law the ban threatens to infringe on the rights of importers.

“The NBA recently began issuing media notices, and on July 4 issued a seizure against Unilever’s Aromat product with the effect of disparaging it as being unsafe for consumption in Kenya. Unilever has suffered from loss of consumer confidence owing to incorrect depiction of the product,” said Mr Munyu.

In his ruling Justice Isaac Lanaola also stopped the National Biosafety Authority (NBA) from withdrawing Aromat from the market until July 16, when the matter comes up for hearing.

The labeling on the seasoning indicates that its ingredients include salt and maze flour, which contain GM material.

Makueni M Member of Parliament Daniel Maanzo is the one who told the Parliamentary Committee for Agriculture, Livestock and Co-operatives that Aromat has genetically modified ingredients.