Forget Selfies, Groundies Get Creepy


Selfies were once popular, only to substituted with “groundies” and even “climbies” following BBA winner Dallish Mattews and her friend fueling the growing trend. Techmoran has spotted some of the most outrageous groundies circulating on the internet, some with hidden meanings.

1) BBA Mattews shares a groundie photo with Xsouth


2) In Kenya, Kiss FM’s Shaffie Waweru and Kalekye Mumo innocently set the trend.

3) Then, they became popular, with this girl going a step further posing in muddy water.

4) And yet another with this guy who looks like he wants to…
5) Groundies became even more gory….
6) And finally a spooky photo of actress Sarah Hayland. According to Vigilant Citizen, this groundie has a couple of hidden meanings. The doll Hayland holds strangely resembles her, they say, noting that the doll’s eyes, are buttons instead which signify “mind control”
This doll kind of creepily looks like her ... but with buttons instead of eyes like in the movie Coraline.
Yep, photos get creepy