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by Sam Wakoba
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10422964_329811103836045_4438022379461544681_nEveryone has a story to share, good or bad. However, not everyone wants to run a blog or spew their experiences on social media. wants to end that problem by making it easy for all to publish their Africa journals with their phones, tablets or any gadgets.  The new platform aims to provide a community-based platform for Africans and friends of Africa to share their thoughts, memories, knowledge and experiences about Africa. As long as you are in Africa, you have a story to share.

According to Kenechukwu Ogbuagu, the founder, “ is an online community-based African encyclopedia were users can create, edit, discuss and share their stories, memories, experience, activities, campaigns or news about Africa. We aim to provide our users the largest database to search for names, articles, histories, events and all other information about Africa with references to support users with more information.”

10152385_314623612021461_1850251489915569170_n Available on mobile phones, allows users to create their profile and work their way up through the different access level. It also allows users to include picture, references, categories and country.

Different access levels grant users different privileges which might include creating, editing, deleting, locking and unlocking of articles or banning, unbanning, deleting and promotion of members.


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