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Samsung faces child labor allegations

A Chinese non-profit has directed its fire at Samsung accusing the electronics maker of partnering with shady suppliers who exploit minors.Samsung accused of child labor

China Labor Watch (CLW), a non-profit organization that oversees Chinese manufacturers, has issued a report that highlights several incidences of child labor at the Shinyang Electronics factory. The report also pointed out that Samsung’s auditing systems are “ineffective.”

In the report, CLW reveals many cases where Samsung’s suppliers employed children who work without labor contracts. The non-profit stated that while the children work for 11 hours of the day, they are only paid for 10 of those hours.

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Earlier this year, Guangzhou Daily reported cases where minor workers were found using fake IDs at a factory in Dongguan. When reached for comments, China responded that it is investigating the allegations and would respond appropriately to put off any incident of child labor within it supply chain.

Samsung further revealed that it routinely carries out inspections — as part of its pledge against child labor — to keep an eye on the suppliers. Regarding the supplier in question, the company took in March 2013 a thorough audit, which was followed by a third party inspection in August 2013 and June 2014. During these audits, no cases of child labor were established.

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