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Splash Technology Launches eVoteMinder In Ghana

by Caroline Vutagwa
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evote minder

Splash Technology, an ICT software development firm, has unveiled an automatic electronic system with suite of hardware and software in Ghana dubbed eVoteMinder.

The eVoteMinder comes with a full complement of technical and user support personnel and is available for lease to organizations such as churches, schools, companies, and social clubs that seek to conduct elections in a transparent, fast and cost-effective manner.

Splash CEO, Nii Adjei Adjetey, told their local media that the system is all-weathered, very intuitive and has graphical system where voters could thumbprint their choices.

He added that voters will not need special computer skills to operate the device as “they only need to thumbprint beside the photos or symbols of candidates of their choice on the eVoteMinder’s specialized equipment.”

Adjetey said voters are given a thorough orientation and hands-on demonstration on how to vote via the system, and that, the process is much faster and more cost-effective than the manual voting.

Adjetey also noted that voting results from the eVoteMinder are collated instantly at the close of polls.

“Results are verifiable as virtual ballot papers are stored electronically for easy retrieval, printing and manual collation in the unlikely case of a dispute,” said Adjetey.

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