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iPhone 5s Sets Foot In Airtel Shops In Kenya

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Airtel Kenya in partnership with Apple Inc., makers of the iPhone range of smartphones, has today launched the iPhone 5s on the Airtel network set to officially stock the iPhone 5s handset in its outlets, giving mobile phone customers across the country an opportunity to purchase the smartphone in Airtel outlets.

Speaking during an event to unveil the iPhone 5s this morning, Airtel Kenya CEO Adil El Youssefi described the company’s partnership with Apple as the coming together of two great brands, saying the partnership is a demonstration of Apple’s trust in Airtel. Mr. Youssefi added that the collaboration ensures that customers can easily get the smartphone in Airtel’s shops as they also experience Airtel services.

According to Youssefi, iPhone 5s is believed to be one of the highest quality smartphones in the world, best used on a network that offers high speed internet services, out 3.75G network which is fast and available in major cities and towns in Kenya.

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“Customers can enjoy all the multimedia services on the iPhone 5s on Airtel network: make clearer calls, access high speed internet and enjoy live streaming at high speeds,” he said, “At Airtel, we believe that the future of mobile telephony is mobile Internet and so we are repositioning to revolutionize this landscape with innovative value offerings and strategic partnerships.”

He added that the partnership with Apple is a testimony to Airtel’s desire to lead with Internet of which, would provide a leverage to empower our customers to enjoy high-speed Internet services on their devices and mobile phones on our network.

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Mr. Youssefi reiterated that Airtel believes in offering the best products and services to its customers and will continue to go to great lengths to partner with world class service and product leaders such as Apple to ensure highest levels of service and latest generation technology.

Customers who buy the iPhone 5s which goes for Ksh. 86,500 from Airtel get 10GB internet bundle for 3 months period after purchase. This is in addition to a 1 year Apple warranty supported by the official apple distributor in Kenya, EMS.

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