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CEO Weekends: Philips Illuminates Ghana’s historic Black Star Monument With Spectacular Digital LED Lights


Royal Philips has unveiled the spectacular illumination of Ghana’s iconic Black Star Monument with its latest LED lighting technology, boosting the beautification of the city of Accra and cutting energy consumption by 80 percent as compared to the existing conventional lighting. Philips is showcasing its LED lighting solutions in Ghana as part of its fifth consecutive pan-African Cairo to Cape Town Roadshow. The new lighting solutions from Philips will highlight and enhance the architectural quality and aesthetic beauty of one of the most iconic structures in the city.

Philips placed its LED technology at the most important landmarks in Ghana – the Black Star Monument. Located in Accra in the historic Independence Square, the Black Star Monument commemorates the independence of Ghana and is considered an architectural masterpiece and iconic symbol of the city.

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“The spectacular lighting of the Black Star Monument in Accra demonstrates the incredible advances that are being made in the efficiency and beauty in lighting”, says Abdallah Hussein, CEO, Philips West Africa. “Philips is very proud to have placed its know-how and technology at the service of this iconic monument and contributing towards the preservation of Ghanaian heritage. For us the challenge was to devise effective lighting while respecting the authenticity of this monument.”

Accra is the seventh stop on Philips’ annual flagship Cairo to Cape Town roadshow (from 14 April to 3 September 2014) which focuses on key challenges facing Africa today – the need for energy-efficient lighting and the revitalization of African healthcare infrastructure. Philips has committed to lighting up and illuminating iconic monuments in every city visited during the roadshow with the latest LED technology. As the number one LED lighting company in the world, Philips will now provide a stunning lighting makeover of historic, well-recognized monuments in African cities.

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The Roadshow will make its way across seven countries and ten cities in Africa. The next stop will be Johannesburg, South Africa on 27th August 2014.

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Caroline Vutagwa
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