Nigeria’s Partners with Palmchat for Great Shopping Discounts


Palmchat-applicationPalmchat has partnered with KONGA.COM to bring its users all the shopping discounts, new arrivals, promos to the mobile social platform.

Konga has now formed the ‘KONGA group’ on Palmchat giving users all the breaking news on your world of retail shopping will be at your finger tips so that the network’s users know what is new on as it happens.

The best part? All new followers get an instant discount code to shop with! Yes, it’s true. Are you worried about getting unnecessary notifications from Konga? That won’t happen. Anytime you need the latest information on discounts, promos and sales, simply enter the group conversation and you will be informed.

Join the thriving community of super-smart shoppers on Palmchat and make your lifestyle more fashion-forward. Follow KONGA on Palmchat today. Click here to download the Palmchat app.

LinkpostpalmchatJust a little background. Plamchat is a mobile social app with over 80,000 users worldwide  and is available on all mobile app stores: Java, Windows store, Apple store, Google play, Blackberry world-among others. It promises an interactive and fun custom features such Shake-Shake and Look around to find your friends and instant file sharing, instant messaging and voice recording and also friendly online social and dating experience for paid users.  The app has chat rooms, voice recording capabilities, photo and video sharing and chat or date by location and interest.