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Passenger posts Creepy messages on Facebook before Boarding crashed Malaysia Airlines plane

A passenger who is claimed to have boarded the Malaysia Airlines plane that crashed on Thursday posted a photo of a plane with a creepy message before getting on the doomed Boeing 777.Boeing 777 crashes

The post (translated to English from Dutch) reads: “In case it goes missing, this is what it looks like.”

Cor Pan posted the photo of the Malaysia Airlines plane on Facebook while in Amsterdam on Thursday. The post however seems to be a reference to the Malaysia Airlines flight that disappeared earlier this year.

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Some 150 Facebook users have since posted comments. “I can’t believe this … totally broken,” one user stated in Dutch under Pan’s photo. “Rest in peace.”

As indicated in his Facebook profile, Pan is self-employed and hails from Volendam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.

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With 295 persons on board, the Boeing 777 was shot down Thursday while flying over Ukraine, near the Russian border. It’s not yet clear who is responsible.

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