Firm to Launch Online Supermarket in Kenya


10460740_746192678737247_8536947094768172563_nAs more people get online, there is need for more products and services to follow suit to meet people’s needs online. The days of brick and mortar stores are also being put on the line.

Wivela Holdings, a firm we shall tell you more about says its set to launch Kenya’s first online supermarket selling everything from books, electronics and grocery.

“We are set to lauch a gigantic online platform in the country, as well as through Africa and the world. It will be an online shopping platform, where people could shop for everything from books to grocery,” Donald Hagbe,  CEO and c0-founder of Wivela Holdings told TechMoran. “The uniqueness of it is that in the same place people can have access to other services such as cloud storage, book publishing,  business and knowledge center, e-healthcare, job platform and many different marketplaces depending on the need and desire of the customer.”

If  Wivela Holdings really launch, our friends at Jumia will have to move first and get as many loyal shoppers for their books, electronics, booze and fashion items. Jumia will also need to get as many retailers on the platform as possible, even simle cake sellers. However, Wivela Holdings will also find it an uphill task taking on Jumia with their huge cash injections and network. Fargo Shopping launched and realized how tough the game was even with its own logistics network.

“We provide customers what they want in more than 15 countries through a diversified offer of products and services. Products can be found across stores offering Books, Consumer Electronics, Fashion & Design, Health and Beauty and many more,” Hagbe added.

Apart from the online supermarket, Wivela is also promising to offer services such as Wivela WebServices, Wivela Music, Wivela WebPublishing, jobs and many more so that makes it a real online mall with more than just electronics and groceries.

Wivela says it offers free shipping for effortless shopping and easy return policies whenever customers want to. We feel there is still a huge gap in online commerce in Africa and more players are needed despite the payments and logistics challenges. If Wivela can fix my shopping so be it!