Anonymous Group promises more attacks on Kenyan government websites


A member of the Anonymous Hacktivist group has revealed to Radio France International that they plan to attack more Kenyan government websites as reaction to ‘cry for help’ to curb corruption in the country.

Anonymous Hacktivist group

“Somebody requested for help and we work for persons all over the world,” stated a member of the Latin American-based Anonymous group.

On Monday, Twitter accounts for the Kenya Defence Force and Kenya’s army spokesperson Major Emmanuel Chirchir were hacked. The attackers posted messages such as “spending money on AK47s” and “violence produces violence” alongside pictures of emaciated kids.

A member of the Anonymous group using the handle Le Chiffre spoke through encrypted online chat software and said that they “believe that there is so much corruption,” though people “do not concentrate on Africa”.

He further added that it was the first time his group, known as Anon_0x03, had targeted Africa for hacking, further commenting that it is a great idea and they would proceed to “target other regions of the world”.

The group stated that they function on several platforms and in different IT systems. In some instances, they find out that Twitter accounts are connected to government websites.

Anon_0x03, which consists of five members throughout the Latin-American region, refused to accept that it had obtained any cash for the hack, and instead emphasized that it was a “war”. The group said they at times get requests from people saying “hey Anon”, we need some help here”.

The hackers are also focusing their efforts against Israeli government because of the on-going offensive in Gaza. While discussing other targets, Le Chiffre stated that Israel and Brazil are a priority. He depicted Israel’s offensive in Gaza as “brutality from Israel army” that has made the government a target for Anonymous.

“The Anon_0X03 group has previously targeted websites in Thailand, Mexico and Ecuador,” said the Zone-H website. The final main attack against Kenyan websites was in 2012 when Direxer, an Indonesian hacker, hacked down 103 government websites.