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Instagram unveils Snapchat-style Bolt photo app

by Robin Okuthe
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Instagram has launched an app that lets users send deleted pictures after the recipient sees them. The new app dubbed Snapchat-style Bolt photo app is currently available in South Africa, Singapore and New Zealand.

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According to The Verge, Instagram has stated it plans to ensure that the novel app is accessible to many users despite having began with the select few countries. The strategy is to ensure the company scales up the experience of using the app.

The app has been criticized by a smaller tech startup that also uses Bolt as its brand name. Andrew Benton, the CEO and co-founder of the company earnestly requested Instagram to remember the “little guy”.

“Building the Bolt technology and brand to where it is now has taken a lot of hard work. Please do not do away with all that effort,” said Benton.

“I believe you have not forgotten that it is difficult to create something from nothing. And not merely technology, but a distinct identity and brand for yourself,” he added.

Benton’s app allows users to make excessive use of their date plans to call free-of-charge.

“We don’t wish for a legal battle over this and we believe it’s not too late for you to think of an alternative name before launching. I have an entire list of names we had thought of last May that I would be glad to share,” said Benton.

Instagram is yet to comment on Benton’s appeal for a change of name.

Facebook, which currently owns Instagram, last month launched a similar app dubbed Slingshot.

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