Nigerians warned on health risks of using cellphones


Nigeria’s minister of communications technology Johnson Omobola has warned the public on the health risks associated with using mobile phones.

Cellphone dangers

In a statement that was delivered during the launch of Etisalat Experience Center in Abuja, Omobola said mobile phones have adverse health effects when used inappropriately.

“Phone radiations can lead to problems and this is why we are counseling the public not to use phones in the rain or bring it close to their body,” stated Omobola.

The minister also advised telephone operators and companies to conduct sensitization programmes to educate Nigerians on the risks of using mobile phones, as it will help members of the society to live a healthy life.

“There are some radioactive elements within the mobile phone that might affect the body causing cancer as well as other health challenges. There are also possibilities that radio waves generated by mobile phones could interfere with essential electrical equipment such as hospital equipments, electrical systems on airplanes, monitors and telecom masts,” Omobola added.

Omobola revealed that this was the reason the ministry made it compulsory for operators to set up their masts five kilometers away from residential areas.

Omobola also cautioned mothers to avoid permitting their children to play with mobile phones, especially when they have not reached the age of using one.

The public was also advised to avoid using the phones while driving.

“The FRSC (Federal Road Safety Commission) has made it a punishable offence under the law for anybody to use a mobile phone while driving. This is since it can lead to permanent injury or death. The best way you can avoid this from happening is to use a hands-free device or park the car if you must receive such calls,” Omobola said.