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Buni.tv Rebrands Amidst Growing Competition

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buni+_splashKenyan founded, pan-African video-on-demand platform has simplified its name from Buni TV to just Buni.tv and also reworked its logo today as video-on-demand services in the region heat up with the entrant of giant iROKOtv.

Now before you ask questions, Buni TV’s URL was buni.tv but the service as called Buni TV like any old school TV station out there but today to make it simple for everyone and even make the URL memorable, our friends at BUNI TV have declared they just want to be called Buni.tv. We know you want to know why the slight change but wait.

The VOD platform has also launched new player and updated its website to make it as simple as vegetables for anyone to use. According to the firm, the new player is responsive adjusting to users device screen size automatically from a desktop, to an iPad or tablet to a phablet or that 3 inch smartphone browser plus Apps. Buni.tv also comes with a new feature that gives users more control on the quality of video they’d like to watch based on their internet speed.

For simplicity, the videos are now classified as MOVIES, SERIES or MUSIC VIDEOS, and Buni.tv is also premiering KIDS, a space dedicated to children’s content. Movies are now further organized into genres like Comedy, Action or Romance, making it easier for users to discover and watch new content that matches their tastes.

In a statement Buni.tv CEO Marie Lora-Mungai said, “This evolution was necessary to make Buni.tv’s destination clearer and easier for our users to find. The name Buni.tv also puts the emphasis on the fact that we are an online service.”

Popular in Kenya for its XYZ Show which reaches a reported audience of more than 10 million people every month, Buni Media, the mother company behind Buni.tv, made headlines in Nigeria when it launched an original Nigerian satirical show OGAS AT THE TOP, which went viral on launch and now has over 1 million views to date.
No back to your questions.

Buni.tv has $5/month premium service dubbed Buni+. iROKOtv, it’s new competitor is a full premium service at half the amount and has Hollywood and several other international content like Telenova, Bollywood and Korean content. Most of you watch Nollywood and blame your househelps for wasting time on it, now you will have the oga’s from the source.

Though masses like free stuff and might be fans,  they don’t ussually have the purchasing power and might not be converted into customers in the long run. iROKOtv for making it’s service premium adds an imaginery status quo to those who have it, like in the earlier days of pay TV where FTA’s were for every Jack and Jill while paid acess was for the who’s who in the society.The market is huge for the competitors to  co-exist though. Those who love comedy on buni.tv will be the same people paying for Nollywood on iROKOtv and still paying for Able Wireless.

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