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Uganda, Tanzania latest to welcome Diaspora Mobile Money Transfer Service

by Susan Mwenesi
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The Diaspora Mobile money transfer service from Rapid Communications’ is now in Uganda, Tanzania and Senegal only a month after it was unveiled in Kenya.

Brought about through a partnership with Aftab Currency Exchange in the United Kingdom and Al Ghurair Exchange in the United Arabs Emirates, the service will enable Africans remit money to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Senegal directly to their loved one’s mobile wallets in the relevant countries.

Senders will visit the agent’s outlets in the UK and UAE and provide the details of the loved ones, their full names as they appear on the National Identification Card or Passport, mobile phone number and the country. The beneficiary’s mobile phone number should be registered with the specified Mobile Telephone Operator of their country for them to be able to withdraw cash.

It is expected that with the expansion, more money will be sent r to Africa  and thus improve revenue to the Governments of the affected countries.

‘’We have noted an increase in the volume of cash remitted by Africans working and living abroad. This has been a centre of focus to the telecommunication and money transfer firms that are all keen to cash-in on this growing segment of the market,’’ said Anwar Hussein, Rapid Communication’s CEO.

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This service will open up to more countries as the money sent to Africa continues to fund more projects and support families.

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