CEO Weekends: TomTom launches Runner Cardio GPS sport watch with built-in Heart Rate Monitor



South Africa’s TomTom has today launched the Runner Cardio GPS sport watch with cutting-edge heart rate technology. The Runner Cardio has a built-in Heart Rate Monitor. Now you will not need a separate chest strap.

The Runner Cardio makes it easy to train in the optimal heart rate zone. Runners can select one of five intensity zones to match their training goals and will receive alerts to know whether they need to speed up or slow down. Runners can see real-time heart rate, distance, pace and other essential running information at a glance, while running. Watches have come a long way since its first inception. From pocket watches than only tells you basic time and not even date, to watches that monitor heart rate and reads the distance between your runs.

“Once again, TomTom is making innovative technology accessible to everyone,” says Daan Hendrickx, Country Manager of TomTom Southern Africa.  “We know that heart rate monitoring is the single most accurate way to understand how the body is responding to exercise. Now, with the launch of the Runner Cardio, all runners can easily use heart rate training to improve their performance.”

The Runner Cardio accurately measures heart rate with a Mio® optical sensor, which monitors changes in blood flow by shining light through the skin.

The TomTom Runner Cardio is available from 14 August at selected retailers  and will be selling at R3799.00. There is also a Multi-Sport Cardio sport watch available from 14 August at selected retailers at R4599.00. The Multi-Sport Cardio Bundle which includes Altimeter, Cadence and HRM is available from 14 August at selected retailers will retail at R5599.00.