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Impress Me Aims to Revolutionise the Face of Recruitment in South Africa

by Sam Wakoba
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gobi_kalahari_promotionThe sad thing is most people are looking for jobs but because they are scarce, every job seeker or employer has to be smart enought to get hired or hire the right team.

A new app in South Africa wants to make it both easy for both job seekers and recruiters. The wonderful app promises job seekers to get hired even before they draft their résumé.The  new mobile application aims to revolutionise the face of recruitment totally.

Dubbed Impress Me, the app is a video based mobile application that aims to help job seekers to visually impress potential employers, and tell them why they are the right for the job, by just submitting an unique video clip of themselves. The app, developed by Byte Orbit, a bespoke software development company based in Cape Town, currently allows firms to publish any five positions at any one time minus any charges.

“Employers can now get  to form an impression of potential candidates, and determine who would be most suitable for the job before setting up  interviews,” the firm says. “Since the a soft launch of Impress Me, the likes of Kalahari, Price Check, RunwaySale, Groupon & RSA Web have joined to try out the platform.”

Impress Me says it has partnered with Kalahari to allow its users to stand a chance to win 1 of 3 Gobii 4.5” Smartphones as long the users download the app and apply for any of the positions available with a video selfie till the 15 September 2014.

Now availbale for web,  Android Version  and iOS Version, the app is simple to use.

A user simply downloads the app to search for their new job. They then apply via the app by taking a 60 second video selfie to make their first impression with more than just text ad wait for the company to respond. For firms to find the perfect candidate, someone will have to create a job ad on the mobile app or the website. Wait for email notifications for each application, watch the candidate videos whenever they are submitted on any device and then only see the candidates that impress them.

One will need to be a registered user to apply for a job listing and their videos are not publicly available but only the owner of the listing that you applied for can see them. A user is also only allowed to send one video resume per job listing but they can apply for as many job listings as they like.

“Impress Me is all about your first impression to the potential employer. If the employer is impressed by your video, then they will contact you via email, which from there they can request your CV and continue with correspondence,” the firm writes. “You will only get an email notification if an employer wishes to contact you. If you dont get any reply, it probably means that your video didn’t impress too much.”

The video has a short reflection of a job seekers’ skills and the reason they think they are a good candidate for the job. The 1 minute video limit aims to make the process simple.

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