LynkMii Wants to be the Go to Online Business Directory for Companies


LynkMii logo2LinkMii is permitting both customers and businesses to get and stay connected to each other by using the latest gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and the internet.

The portal of LynkMii is enabling all business owners to post details pertaining to their products and services to their mobile customers as per geographic location. This will enable all of their prospective clients to review any businesses located near them offering certain services or any special promos that are currently available.

LynkMii is now available on the mobile world. Designed to let businesses take advantage of the amazing mobile connections channel, LynkMii will help every business owner to build long term relationships with their prospects and regular customers. This incredible channel is being driven by the fast-paced growth in the sales of tablets and devices. One of the advantages of LynkMii is that anytime an offer or event is added, a message is sent to everyone with the app installed, making businesses reach more people. Other services are Bulkmail and bulk SMS marketing.

LynkMii also takes pride in providing its incredible emergency services. The app of LynkMii is now available on Google Play and Apple App Store. Once downloaded, users can navigate and look for businesses, event and special offerings either by category or geographic location. Users will also be capable of communicating directly with a business via email or phone and obtain directions to where they have to go. This app will serve as the definitive guide for anyone when it comes to hotel and accommodation, nightlife, what’s new, conference venues, sports, wedding venues, and a lot more. With just a few taps, users will be able to find what they need.

LynkMii is the best online business directory that anyone can trust for his or her needs. Whatever it is, this app will never fail to be of great help.

LynkMii is an international, online business directory for companies of all sizes, sectors and industries. The website offers members the opportunity to list their business details, news, events, offers, jobs and much more for free. The app of LynkMii is now available on Google Play and Apple App Store. LynkMii is located at 3rd floor, 207 Regent Street, London W1B3HH.

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